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NONON       Creaturas

Created in 2007 by the 3Dimensionalizing and nutty as fruitcakes

Nani Brisque and Naná Lavander.

Most of our time is spent roaming the world searching for abandoned and rejected treasures that are so valueless they are seen as enemies to the planet. We try reimagining them and slowing down the process, criticizing and deprogramming planned obsolescence.


We create, research, reuse, re-think, discuss, experiment, paint, embroider, hammer, cut, model, hang-up, reimagine, sew, design, rescue, glue, type, colour, slowdown, stretch and sculpt sets,  art, puppets, art, effects, art, objects, art, costumes, art, illustration and art - analog and digital. We are everchanging, in search of organic creation and pursuing the eternal 3Dimensionalization of ideas… phew! 

amigos e parceiros pelo mundo! Daniel Beato - Arte em Pneus

recurseria :)

foto . patricia santilli

face to face

naná lavander

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